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this is not put together very well. [22 May 2006|08:57am]
[ mood | drained ]

Friday night Lizy and I skipped off to gboro and hung out with some peeps and saw Seneca and killwhitneydead. I'm not a fan of kwd at all. They are great at what they do, but what they do is just not for me. I do however love Seneca. I was so happy I finally got to see them again. Last year many weekends were spent watching them at the Brewery. And I bought their full length which is amazing and way better than the demo I have been jamming out to. They didnt have the shirt I have for sale. The bright pink girl one. I wanted to get another one and make me a tank top for da summa time. I'll survive. So after the amazing show, we all go out to eat at Steak and Shake. I got this taco salad thing.. almost good. then lizy and i leave and head back home.

Saturday i slept. i slept good then i went and picked up tony and we headed off for winston-salem. we pissed around most the day at the mall. i went into the same stores over and over and over again until i was finally happy with the things that i bought. i got new shoes. i needed new black converses for so long. i was almost scared to even touch my other ones. i also got random other various things that god knows i don't need. after the mall we went to ziggy's. who was playing you ask? why that would be Thursday. oh yes yes. jill's favorite band. how could she miss it? so our tickets say the doors open at 8 and we get there at like 6:30 and there was this huge fuckin line. doors opened at 7. good thing too.. who would want to stand in line for longer than thirty minutes? so i get in and buy my hot jacket and tony gets his mewithoutyou cd and we go to take the stuff to the car and the security guy is straight up asshole. whatev. so tony and i go down on the floor and just stand. and stand. and stand. finally this band called were all broken play. they were pretty groovy. i'm sure they were on coke. i'm almost positive. then it was mewithoutyou. sorry.. i can't get into them. i'm sure they were on coke. i'm almost positive. then it was minus the bear. wow. they were hands down on coke. all of them. they were pretty good though. i liked them. tony and chick hated them and kept making jokes about how much they sucked. so after their set the crowd starts their pushing stuff. can't wait for thursday.. gotta push little jill everywhere. honestly though, i love the pushing stuff. it gets me closer. i was super close too. i was right at the barrier. hot. so thursday comes out and they were not on coke. what better way to start off their set with understanding in a car crash. it was probably the most amazing live band (besides WOJ) i have ever seen. they sound just as good live as they do on their cds. i have never been more impressed with a live band. and geoff rickley has the best things to say, too. i respect that man so much. i respect that band so much. they are hands down my favorite.. as if you didn't know that already. i got to shout words out with geoff and he was sweaty all over me and i got to belt out lyrics to his face while fighting off tons of boys trying to do the same. i don't play. some chick was crowd surfing and lost her shirt on my shoulder.. not the one she was wearing, but the one she bought. i tried to find her to give it back after the show, but i couldnt so i kept it. i don't have any cracked ribs to report this time, but i am full of bruises, knots on my head and my eyes are sore from the knees and elbows. someone stepped on my nose. haha. can you tell how excited i still am? haha. so tony and i leave and go home. tony doesnt like IHOP. loser. haha.

so i sleep and sleep and sunday comes and i promised hippie the eating of the mexicans.. my treat. so we hit up mi ran and head back to winston-salem. i went to ink well and made an appointment for next saturday to get a big pink hippo on my foot. the jewelry i ordered still hasnt came in. no worries. after that, we went to the mall. i spent all of my money on tank tops in A&F and Aero. dear god. I can't stop. so we come back to VA and we go to the movies. the da vinci code is an amazing movie. i loved it. it was really, really good. then we go to wal-mart and then i take hippie home.

and now i'm here. at work. straight chillin. my weekend was the best. seriously.

note: i'm not sure if anyone was actually on coke.

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[02 May 2006|10:01pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

So my weekend was great.

Friday I had the money to get a tattoo and I knew just what I wanted. I've wanted it forever and so Hippie, Joey and I all head up to Roanoke. We get there and I was thinking I was serious up going to have to make an appointment and Ben was like "let's do it" I was like SCORE! So, I'm too small to put it where I want on my wrists so we go for the chest. It's plain and it's simple. I love the placement. I love the meaning to me. I love what it will one day be. I love the font. I love the size. I love the big gap between the words. There's nothing about it that I don't love. And it may not mean crap to some people, but it's the most meaningful tattoo I have yet. I'm just totally in love with it. I think I'm going back up there this weekend and see about adding some really nice stuff on it. It honestly didn't hurt one bit. I was scared because my leg killed me and everyone complains of the chest, but I didn't feel it. Ahh well.

Saturday rolls around and I'm thinking I'm not going to have any plans. So I meet up with ol Hippie and we eat some mexicans. Then Lizy calls and I go pick up my dear Joey and we all meet up at Duffer's. That place was crazy. Drunk chicks showing all, even. And this one stupid girl I went to highschool with put her finger in my ear lobe and said 'that's hot.' Lame. So then all four of us (lizy's friend angie) go to this hotel room where Joey and Dude get action together, angie seriously passes straight out and Lizy and I are left to amuse ourselves with my camera and a laptop. I didn't get home until about 5am.

Sunday.. are you kidding me? I friggin slept. Hippie and I may have taken Dori the park, too.

cut for megCollapse )

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Sorry [25 Apr 2006|02:48pm]
Today's a reason for living
Today's the blood from a stone
Today's the light from a candle
Helping us to find our way home
Today we carry each other
Today the past is a freak
Today is the time for forgiveness
You were never that good to me

I'm sorry I can't lie
I wasted too much time
Drowning, I've been blind
But I've opened up my eyes
Sorry I can’t lie
So I'll just say goodbye,
goodbye, goodbye

Today is tasting the honey
Today's the strike of a match
Today's the lines in the pavement
Helping us to find our way back
Today's the crosses we carry
Today's the strength that we need
Today's the hand of an angel
You were not the kind to believe
Today we carry each other
Today we do what we should
Today is the time for forgiving
Today I wish I could
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Natural Spring Water [17 Apr 2006|09:22am]
[ mood | hungry ]

Things have been most def crazy lately. I'm highly enjoying life right now. There are somethings I wish I could change... distance, hourly wage, cars having to get oil changes and the fact I only have one ovary... just to name a few. I havent been updating as often as I would like, but maybe I will start. Just maybe.

My Izzy rattie died. I walked in ye ol house in Raleigh and I noticed she wasnt moving. I was crushed. She was so, so sweet. She had three very large tumors on her. All about the size of a golf ball and all around the same place. Coco had them as well. I don't know of many rats that don't have them. She will be missed tons. And not just by me.

Work is going great. I highly enjoy my job and the people around me. I'm getting back over a grand on my taxes. I'm not sure how the eff I did that considering I only worked maybe 4 - 5 months last year. I guess it was where I was making tons of money when I was working. Either way, I'm happy. I've planned out three tattoos to use that money on. My heart and dagger on my left leg and my squirt guns on the top of my feet. And if I feel up to it, I'll get my words on my wrists. Knowing me, none of this will happen and I will end up spending it all in Wet Seal or Delia*s.

I'm getting the information I need to get my insurance agent license. From what I understand, the hardest part will be taking the state exam. I'd really like to get the license for NC. I'd love to move back to NC. Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Raleigh or Charlotte... doesnt matter. We shall see on that, too.

That huge fire in Patrick County is crazy. I didn't know it was going on until I walked out of my mom's house yesterday and saw and smelled nothing but smoke. I thought the people over the hill were burning trash or something (how hillbilly did that just sound) and then I saw ashes floating around like snow flurries. I was then informed what was going on. My friend Kevin lives right in front of the mountain that is on fire so Hippie and I rode up that way. All you can see for miles is smoke. They have tons of roads closed off.. no matter how many back roads you know, you just can't make it some places. We even went down the roads that were no longer paved, but no luck. Which is a good thing I imagine. Last night, my brother, sis in law, and my mom all went up there and there were cops making us turn around. It's already burned over 1,000 acres. That's crazy! My brother and sis in law were telling us how they were riding on their motorcycle before any of the roads were closed and they couldnt see in front of them and they could feel the heat from the flames. And then I sit here and think, why do people want to see something like that? Is it human nature for everyone (and everyone was) to go stare at stuff like that? I suppose so. Either way, it was crazy going up there.

I still really want my vertical snake bites, but I'll probably never be able to get them. Not at the job I have now, anyway. Damn them *shakes fists*

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[10 Apr 2006|11:30am]
To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and
the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others; to leave the world a little bit better; whether by a healthy
child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know that even
one life breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded
--Ralph Waldo Emerson
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real friendship looks like this [04 Apr 2006|11:47pm]
G0thUnderY0urBed: send the link
YouPoopieEater: myspace.com/starsoverparis
YouPoopieEater: jerk
G0thUnderY0urBed: the link
G0thUnderY0urBed: come on
G0thUnderY0urBed: send it
G0thUnderY0urBed: you know you wanna
YouPoopieEater: I JUST DID
G0thUnderY0urBed: www. it
YouPoopieEater: FUCK
G0thUnderY0urBed: put www there
YouPoopieEater: YOU WWW IT BITCH
G0thUnderY0urBed: im lazy
G0thUnderY0urBed: YOU DO IT
YouPoopieEater: fuck it
G0thUnderY0urBed: you make me
G0thUnderY0urBed: so you do it
YouPoopieEater: goddammit
YouPoopieEater: I DO NOT
G0thUnderY0urBed: you do so
YouPoopieEater: when you do it, its just there.
G0thUnderY0urBed: keep it up and ill do it alright
G0thUnderY0urBed: ewww
G0thUnderY0urBed: wait
G0thUnderY0urBed: no
G0thUnderY0urBed: im not going there
YouPoopieEater: i just typed it cunt. just copy and paste the goddamn thing into your stupid fucking browser
YouPoopieEater: godddddddd
G0thUnderY0urBed: god
G0thUnderY0urBed: brb i just burnt the fuck out of my food
G0thUnderY0urBed: i have jack shit to eat now
G0thUnderY0urBed: fucking great
YouPoopieEater: im gonna go to bed, cry baby
G0thUnderY0urBed: okay
G0thUnderY0urBed: im going to go puke up bile caz ive eaten nothing today
YouPoopieEater: well you have fun
G0thUnderY0urBed: i love you babe
G0thUnderY0urBed: xoxoxox nite nite
YouPoopieEater: i love YOU babe
YouPoopieEater: xoxoxoxo nitenite
G0thUnderY0urBed: YOU
YouPoopieEater: YA
G0thUnderY0urBed: love ya
YouPoopieEater: love YA
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Does anyone know how to get rid of colds in kitties? [14 Feb 2006|09:12pm]
My kitties cute little pink noses will not stop running.


My keyboard is sticky where a dog was chasing a cat and soda spilled alllll over it. Very frustrating.

I'm bored. There's nothing new. I think I'm moving back to VA. I'm not sure yet, so don't get your hopes up.

Guess who is a licensed bartender?

That would be me. I passed my test tonight without even trying to. I didn't even practice any and passed the speed test. Do you know how crazy hard that thing is? 12 random drinks she calls out to me out of the 150 I learned in the last two weeks in under five minutes. I was going to practice when I got there, but she wanted to give me the test to see what kind of drinks I need to work on and I frickin passed. No practice here. I'm an amazing fake alcoholic drink mixer. Now I just need to get a job. That'd be hot. I'm excited and frickin hungry.

I have a ferret. She doesn't bite at all. She's super friendly. She has a crazy huge cage. It's over five foot tall. Anyway, she needs a really really good home. I only have her because the guy I got her from was going to leave her in his apartment when he left for the landlord to find and do something with. How nice. So I have her. And if anyone wants her, and I think you're a good home, you can have her.
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[26 Jan 2006|10:04pm]
So I get bored, and post a lot of pics.

Sue wee?Collapse )
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I got a puppy. [17 Jan 2006|10:21pm]
I picked her up today. She's a Jack Russell Terrier. She's eight months old. She's frickin wide open. I got her from a really nice couple who have four sons. She was a present to the youngest son who turned out to be allergic to her. I named her after the word air because she's like an effin tornado.

Meet DoriCollapse )
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If Only You Were Lonely [10 Jan 2006|02:53pm]
[ mood | drained ]

So Hawthorne Heights is putting out a new album. I don't think anything can top their last one. I don't care what anyone says, that band is awesome. I like them and that's all that effin matters. With that voice and song names like Ohio is for lovers and Screenwriting An Apology along with the lyrics that make you want to jump out of a window, how could you not love them?

I don't even remember what I have done. I know I moved tons of April's stuff from the house. Tons. Theres still way more to move. I'm not sure what is going on with everything involving a roommate.

Hippie came down. He helped move stuff. Justin came down. He helped move stuff. That's about all I done this weekend. Move stuff.

Yesterday Nathan took me to this pizza place that sells vegan strombolis. It was awesome. Great food. Then we washed my car. I'm still cracking up about that. He didn't know you had to keep moving the car back and forwards to dry it. hahaha *busts a gut* Classic. You had to be there I'm sure.

My head is killing me. I need some glasses. I'm working crazy over time. I think I may even work on Saturday. Theres some shows coming up I'd like to see. I might go to them. I've never been to a show alone. That'd be weird. This New Year's I didn't smoochie anyone. I screamed in Tony's face. I want some snow. It isnt even cold here. I think Randolynn is coming up for a week soon. I always say she's coming up and she never does. We shall see. I think Hippie and Richard are coming down this weekend. I'd like to see my best friend one day. That'd be cool. I want to have an accent wall in my living room. I'm going to paint it colors to match Chip and Sofie. The browns, white and a little hidden pink for their little noses. Not all tiger stripped, but just those colors. I'm obsessed with the band Emery. I'm reading the lyrics from the new Hawthorne Heights cd and they are really good. I can't wait to listen to this stuff. Bleh. I guess I should do some work.

I know it hurts to feel so all alone
I'm by myself, more then you could know

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[03 Jan 2006|08:53am]
My weekend was too good.

It was great, even.

And way too short.

Friday night RWV was playing in Danville. Good show.

Saturday was New Years. Went to Darrins. Fun times.

Sunday I hung out with Tony and went to Eden to eat mexicans and came back home.

Monday I cleaned and cleaned and then watched Drop Dead Fred with Nathan. It still remains the greatest movie ever.

Pictures to come.
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[28 Dec 2005|03:27pm]
I effin love almonds.

End of story.
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HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! [23 Dec 2005|11:54am]
When I get off of work, I'm heading to pick up Justin and then Tony then I'm off to my parents house where we will celebrate our Christmas tonight. My rad family members from MD will come in tomorrow and then Sunday we will have the huge family Christmas thing going on.

I think I have to take my cats with me home. I don't have anyone to take care of them here. Bummer. Not really that bad, but my Mom will hate that idea. We will see what we can do, though.

My bud Rick gave me a Rosie the Riveter poster the other day. It looks just like the sticker on my car. I loved it.

My greatest friend Jeremy got me the coolest stuffed snowman. He has a mohawk and piercings and a mean tough look on his face. That made my day .. hardcore made my day.

There is no real point to this update at all. I just wanted to update my journal and say mindless rambles I supposed.

Oh. And I think Randolynn is coming up for a few days next week. Who's excited about that?

Jill is.

And I think (because I always have something to say, right) Happy Holidays is way better to say than Merry Christmas. Unless you know the person actually celebrates Christmas. If I'm not mistaken, Christmas was mocked after a Pagan tradition trying to get people to convert in the first place. Not everyone is Christian. Not everyone celebrates Christmas. I'm tired of people making a big deal out of really lame crap. It's a frickin holiday. Who cares what you say to celebrate it, or what you celebrate, just celebrate it the way you want and move on with your effin life. If I offend you by saying Happy Holidays, you weren't worth my waste of breath in the first place.

I hope you all have a great, wonderfull and safe Holiday!!
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GREAT STUFF! [20 Dec 2005|08:41pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

So I have the net again. Yes.

Last night, Nathan left a present on my front steps (because I wasnt home, sillies) and it's the worlds greatest vegan cook book. How effin thoughtful was that? So I told him I was going to cook for him. Seriously. One of the most thoughtful and greatest gifts ever. Great guy he is! I thought it was the sweetest thing ever.

And today .. guess what Dave got me for Christmas?

Clueless as to what I got?

He paid my way into bartending school.

EFFIN EH! Alex said my bartender name should be Coyote Jillie. haha. But yeah. I've wanted to be a bartender forever and it's actually going to happen. I told Dave I was saving up for it and he told me last week he wanted to be a bartender and go to the school and for me to give him the contact info. So I admit, I was a little jealous that he was getting to go and I wasnt and it turns out the whole time, he was just tricking me! I'm so lame I still have the print-offs of this what we did in sixth grade. Remember that shit, Jenna?

Heck yeah.

Great day. I fuckin love the people in my life. Not because they get me stuff. But because they get me stuff that actually made them think about me. It's great knowing you crossed someones mine.

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Second Star to the Left, Go Until Dawn [19 Dec 2005|04:30pm]
I havent updated in a bit. I've done a buncha crap.

I saw HellogoodBye and they rocked my bottom. I have some video and pics from the show I should upload if I ever get the net again. I also got the chance to see this band called Hit the Lights. They were amazing. I love them now.

My Mom had her annual Christmas party. The woman is amazing for all the stuff she does just to have that party for a few hours. Tons of people come. She cooks for days and spends all her money on toys and stuff for kids that don't get anything. She even hires Santie Claus. This year, Dave was Santa. Justin came with me. We have a cute pic on Santa. My old best friend was there. It was strange talking to her for the first time since we graduated. You're so close to someone for so so long and then bam! you just don't talk anymore. She now has two kids. It was strange, but went well.

I finally got to go to another Avanthyme practice. I love that band. They are great. I also like hanging out with every one there. They are great, too.

I made a new bud at work. He's a pretty rad guy.

Tony and Hippie came down this past Wednesday and stayed until Saturday. I HAD THE BEST TIME!! Thank you again Adam for the greatest 'vegan' wristband I have ever laid my eyes on. I love it when people come to see me. We did a lot of nothing and a lot of stuff at the same time. I got my effin hair cut. Finally. It looks (and feels) so much better. Randolynn came up Friday night. We ended up going to VA Saturday. I stopped by Greensboro to give Justin his plugs. Wooo. Saturday night I stayed with my parents. Sunday I ate mexicans with Hippie and we went to Wal-Mart. Then Randolynn and I hung out with Alex. We went to the lake and took some pics and I tried to throw him to the duckies, but it just never works out the way you plan. We came back to Raleigh last night.

Randolynn is at my house waiting on me to get off of work and get there. She is leaving tonight.

I really hate it that I don't have the net anymore. I can't talk to amazing people like Jeremy.
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[30 Nov 2005|08:41pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

The past week has had it's ups and downs. I will start from the beginning.

Sunday my first rattie, Coco, died. I was heartbroken (and still am). He was such a great, great rat. Words cannot express how much he meant to me or how much I miss him.

Things went sort of slow for the next few days.

Wednesday I go to work and leave at 2pm. I make my way for Myrtle Beach (which is about 3.5 - 4 hours away) and pick up Randolynn. I come back to Raleigh that night.

Thursday I drive us up to VA. I dropped her off at her Mom's and I went to Tony's house and picked him up. We went to my parents house. Hippie ended up showing up as well. It's always really fun seeing my family. I seriously hate Thanksgiving, but it gives me a chance to see everyone. Then I go with Tony to his sisters house. That place was packed! I got to meet family members of his that I've never met before and they made comments such as 'friends with benefits' as I'm choking back the vomit. Some people will just never understand. Then Randolynn calls and we go to her house. We ended up just riding around for a bit then wound up at Fisher Farm Park. We played on the playground until the security guy ran us off. Theres pics of that. I may post them soon. Then I take Tony to his car and Randolynn to her moms (which happened to be at the same place) and I head off for Raleigh.

Friday I wake up and go to work (so so tired) and get off early again. Woo! I gots all my stuff from motivecompany.com. It's hot hot stuff. After work I went to Greensboro and hung out with Justin. He cooked me some bangin vegan dogs, tater tots, curly fries and a great salad and we watched Saved. Then I headed off to Tony's (yes, back to VA). When I got there, Randolynn and her buddy Andy was there. Andy was super duper funny. We all just hung out in Tony's room getting shushed every few minutes. Fun times! I end up staying with Tony that night.

Saturday Tony and I meet up with Hippie at Wal-Mart. I had to get my oil changed and drop off 3 rolls of pictures from eariler in the year. We ate Mexicans while all of that was going on. We went to the mall and then back to Wal-Mart. Some of the pictures turned out okay. My hair was so poofy back then. haha. Then I'm on my way to my mom's house and Alex fuckin Mei calls. So I go get him and we go see my mom. Then I take him back home and go pick up Randolynn and we come back down to Raleigh. More driving. haha.

Sunday we don't wake up .. as usual. haha. I take her back to Myrtle Beach. On my way back home, I GET FUCKED PULLED .. AGAIN! This time is was 42 in a 25. So I'm like .. I never saw the 25 sign (because I didn't and I'm almost positive there wasnt one, but I was too tired to go back and check) and he's all like 'it's 25 for less than a mile and then back to 35' So I'm all like 'why are you giving me a ticket if it's less than a mile' and he's all 'get out. We need to search your car.' I'm standing out in cold in the middle of the night freezing while two assholes in some hillbilly town worse than Franklin County (yes, worse than that) search my car. I'm so pissed off at this point. Then the guy turns to me and says 'do you have any dead bodies in your car?' I wanted to curb kick him. I could actually picture his teeth shattering on the cement. And I'm never a violent person. I was just so pissed off that I actually got a ticket for that. And they searched my car and had the nerve to ask if I had dead bodies in my car. So, I'm off again this time with a $180 dollar ticket.

So Monday comes and I think everything is going great. Until I get the most severe cramps I have ever had in my entire life. While walking to tell my manager I couldnt stay anymore because of them, I fainted. In front of everyone. I woke up in a room hooked up to an oxygen tank, a blood pressure checker and a heart beat checker. I was scared. I had no clue what happened at this point. I was just out of it. There were four security guards in there with me and my manager, Stephanie. It took me forever to actually feel normal again. But they wouldnt let me drive home. So April came and picked me up. I felt so horrible.

Tuesday I'm supposed to go into work and April is supposed to take me (because my car is still there) and I wake up at 11am and I'm like .. crap! I slept through my alarm clock. I ended up going to the doctor. They took a lot of blood. Ever had an EKG? Those things suck. I felt like a topless, freezing cold, shivering alien hooked up to that thing. The doctor seriously thinks I'm anorexic. I tried to tell him as calm as I possibly could I out eat all my friends .. put together. He's concerned because I weigh 6 pounds less than I did the last time I was there, a month ago. This is still the most I have ever weighed, though. Christ! So he did blood test to make sure I'm eating. I'm too old for this crap. Tell me what's wrong with me and send me on my way, please. Did I mention he wrote on my chart 'skinny getting skinnier' because he did. Whatever. Anyone who half way knows me knows I've always been this size and has probably seen me eat my fair share of food. I hate it people think they know stuff just by looking. So after all of that, April treated me to a pedicure. That was super nice. And I came home.

And now, I'm waiting for the doctor to get back in touch with me and tell me that I'm eating fine and that my 'blah blah blah' isn't right so I can go on with my life.

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i know i'm not your favorite record [19 Nov 2005|06:49pm]
This past week has been really golden.

I've hung out with this cool kid named Nathan.

I saw Walls Of Jericho along with With Honor.

I got sent home from work because our systems were down.

Tony came down last night. We always have more fun than anyone else on the planet.

I got the bottom part of my naval pierced.

The guy didn't even use forceps and approved of me not cleaning it with anything. He said that water was best. I thought it was going to hurt because 8 years ago when I got the top part done, it was very painful. It didn't hurt one bit. Wooo!

We were going to see that Walk The Line movie, but we got there 10 minutes late and Tony played a girl and stomped his feet and changed his mind.

We ate .. a lot.

There was lots of the L word. And pictures.

Today we got our eyebrows waxed. Tony screamed like the puss he is. It didn't hurt me. I'm one tough bitch. *chuckles*

I ordered tons of crap from motivecompany.com. I'm all excited about that.

I'm coming home Thursday. And leaving Thursday. But I'm coming back that Friday. What a waste of gas. Work should just let us off Friday, wankers.

the songs you grow to like never stick at firstCollapse )
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A few pics. [08 Nov 2005|11:23pm]
Because I'm in love with my cameraCollapse )
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And I deleted it because everyone thought it was. Eff it.

This weekend sucked.

I got a rockin camera .. over $300 for it and the next day I loose the usb cord so the internal memory is useless until I order one from Kodak. Eff it. I went and got a SD card and crap today.

Then on the way home from Martinsville I get two effin tickets. One for speeding (79 in 55) and one for not having a NC lincense yet. Eff them, too.

I saw Saw II tonight. It was a good movie.

I just want tons of sleep, but I hate sleeping alone.
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BOOM! [03 Nov 2005|09:10am]
Hi guys!

I put a digi cam on lay away that suits me just fine. It's nothing huge or super nice. It's just something I can use to take pictures of things I think pictures should be taken of.

Tony and Adam came down on Sunday. Fun times! They stayed for a few days. I got them fully addicted to the L word. Go me. Unfortunately, I now cannot watch my dvds without Tony. *laughs* We did the Chapel Hill thing for Halloween. I guess I can post a pic or two. It was great fun. Tony and Adam were super scary zombies. At least to the drunk people they were. haha. We stayed forever. We chased Edward Scissorhands. We got pushed around by the crazy people pushers at the pizza place. We had to pay a dollar to tinkle. Chicks were dancing drunk up against restraunt windows. Some drunk chick threw her pocket book at her friends while screaming, then took pics of all of us and then I danced in the middle of the road like only I can. There were soooo many people. I'm sure they hit the 75,000 they were expecting. All in all, it was a fun night.

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